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At Woodford Wise our specialist family team are dedicated to helping, advising and serving the local community.  We have dedicated highly experienced family teams with an accumulative experience exceeding 45 years trained in all aspects of family & children law. Our team are able to help and support you through personal difficulties and problems you may be facing with your family issues.  We are sympathetic and understanding to each individual circumstances and are able to relate to every case as if it is the only case that matters.

We appreciate that families splitting up, divorcing and issues relating to children have a considerable effect on people’s day to day lives.  Woodford Wise Solicitors are here to advise and help you go through these problems with our professional approach and proactive service.

Our family lawyers are recognized and respected by the local family courts that we are present in and also respected by our competitors locally and nationally.

We have a Resolution approach to our family cases to avoid confrontation, where it is not required and try to offer resolution by negotiating and mediating to resolve matters.  Woodford Wise Solicitors hold Leap Best Practice and Specialist Quality Marks in recognition of a professional standard of legal services which is recognised and approved by professional standards.  Our firm also holds a Legal Aid Agency franchise providing Community Legal Services to the local community.

Woodford Wise Solicitors represent clients covering all of South east England to the Midlands and parts of north and North East England including West Country and South Wales

Our family team is able to advise you on all aspects of family law as listed but not limited to the areas.

Areas of Law:


Divorce Law 

Child Custody (Children Law)

Civil Partnerships 

Cohabitation Agreements

Collaborative Family Law

Contesting a Will

Civil Partnership Dissolution

Family Mediation

Finances on Separation

International Divorce

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Separation Agreements


Child Arrangement Order

Contact/Spend Time with Orders

Residence/Live with Orders

Prohibited Steps Order

Specific Issue Orders

Inherit Jurisdiction







Supervision Orders

Injunctions/Non-Molestation & Occupation Orders

Domestic violence unfortunately has become a unwanted and unwarranted 'disease' in our society effecting people from all backgrounds.  It is often the venerable who are victims of domestic abuse but it is not limited to a certain group. 

Woodford Wise Solicitors has a specifically dedicated team to helping victims of domestic violence and abuse since 2010.

Woodford Wise Solicitors have a dedicated Domestic Violence team to assisting people in such difficulties.  Our specialist team are sympathetic to each individual issue and are able to obtain orders from the court to protect them with in 24 hours which can assist to


Family & Divorce

At Woodford Wise our specialist family law and divorce lawyers are highly trained and will help and support you through any problems you may be having, we also understand that you expect complete confidentiality and we take matters extremely seriously.

Woodford Wise solicitors have are compliance and encourage Resolution and Mediation in all divorce cases.  Divorce in families is already a difficult time, especially when there are children and assets involved.  Our specialist experienced Lawyers will relate to you with sympathy and appreciation of your individual circumstances and will try to minimise the acrimony and hostility in order to achieve the result for you in the most cost-effective way.

We recognize that divorce is often an ugly face of family issues which are stressful but necessary part of life in certain circumstances. Divorce is sometimes a part of life that people are frightened to deal with thinking about future finances, home and children.  Each case is different and has its own pattern of issues and problems.  Our specialist family team are dedicated to giving a personal service to each and every family difficulties acting in the interest of our clients keeping in mind any children involved. 


Our team of lawyers have vast knowledge and experience in dealing with a variety of cases ranging from simple amicable divorces to complicated defended proceedings.   Our legal team are able to assist you step by step in dealing with the issues and setting out all the points systematically and methodically for you to understand.  Our advice will be concise and to the point, so that you are able to make informed decision based on your circumstances.   We are focus based on providing our clients a professional service in such difficult times, therefore, transparency of advice and our fee structure is appreciated by our clients. 

Woodford Wise Solicitors hold Leap Best Practice and Specialist Quality Marks in order to provide a professional standard of legal services which is recognize and approved by professional standards.

Woodford Wise Solicitors is aware that solicitors & court fees are a significant concern for our clients, especially when there are issues of capital being stuck on assets.  We are able to accommodate our clients with specific payment structures spread over to assist them in their financial circumstances. 


It may be a good idea for you to speak to our family team to discuss what options are available to you. 

Ancillary Relief or Financial Division on Divorce

The divorce often follows with the arguments of division of money, property and assets.  This is the most stressful and expensive  aspect of any divorce.  It is imperative to asses not only the immediate impact of a split, but also to consider the financial needs of the spouse and children.


Every case is different and carries its own difficulties, whether it be property in the United Kingdom or abroad or whether it be complicated divisions of shares and pension schemes.  Our experienced team of lawyers are able to quickly identify the issues and advise you on the most cost effective way of bringing matters to a settlement.

The law in this area is fast-moving and every case is different. Our highly skilled team of solicitors are constantly updating themselves with the law and applying it the cases that are processed through the firm. 

Our family law and divorce solicitors can provide expert legal assistance with:

  • Divorce

  • Civil Partnerships 

  • Cohabitation Agreements 

  • Domestic Abuse

  • Forced Marriage

  • Child Maintenance Agreements 

  • Children Matters and Child Abduction 

  • Collaborative Law 

  • Custody Disputes 

  • Pre-Nuptial Pre-Registration Agreements


To speak with a Family Lawyer or a Divorce Lawyer at Woodford Wise, please call us on020 8550 2506 now or complete the 'contact us' form here.

          The Family Team:

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